Art WalkI’ve always had a passion for art.  I loved drawing and creating as a child and that love continued as an adult. As a young teen, I started watching Bob Ross!  I used to love watching him make happy little trees and mountains all in half an hour.  I used to paint along with him, however, as I didn’t have oil paints I used watercolors.  I would make a paste out of the watercolors to try and get a similar thickness/density to the paint.  One day, my mother bought me some acrylics so I could follow along using that.

Eventually, I finally invested in oil paints and was able to create the happy landscapes of Bob Ross’s world.  Starting with watercolors and working all the way up to oils gave me a really good understanding (self-taught) of how the different mediums worked, and the different effects you can achieve with them.  Another huge influence on me is Brian Froud.  I love his magical and beautiful drawings.  They inspire me to see the beauty and magic in everything.

Nowadays I am inspired by the beauty of nature and wildlife. I also find inspiration in the Academic Art style of painting, as well as the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. These men such as Bouguereau, Waterhouse, and Godwin all influence me when painting figures. The vivid colours of modern artists such as Crouser and Haines also inspire my work.